Saturday, November 12, 2011

Product Information

The SJZS-10 Micro Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder can be used to mix or compound small amount of testing materials.

Main features:1. The SJZS-10 Micro Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder is a micro scale equipment with over dimensions of about 710×380×240(mm), and can be easily placed on a laboratory table;
2. Low testing material consumption, low energy consumption, and low laboratory costs. The SJSZ-10 Micro Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder can process very small amount of materials, which can help to reduce the laboratory costs;
3. Unique back flow channel design in the barrel allows easy and accurate control of the residence time and the plasticizing process of testing materials;
4. Unique divisible barrel design makes it easy to observe the testing results and to clean the barrels and screws;
5. Multiple material feeding ports, different kinds of feeding apparatuses and the linkage between main motor and feeding motors can efficiently feed different kinds of materials such as pellet materials, powder materials and nano materials into the barrel and help to achieve maximum material mixing and dispersion;
6. The SJZS-10 Micro Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder can be conveniently used in combination with our laboratory injection molding machine.

Main technical specifications:Maximum extrusion capacity: 15-18g

Company Information

Long River Industry and Trade Company is a professional manufacturer of micro scale laboratory extruders and laboratory injection molding machines. Our products such as this SJZS-10 Micro Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder use advanced technology and the main features of our products are comparable to those of the foreign similar products, such as HAAKE MiniLab, MiniJet and DSM Xplore, but our products have much better quality price ratios. Feel free to visit our company's website or contact us at longriverint at yahoo dot com if you would like to know more about our company and products.